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Step into the magical allure of a Temecula bed and breakfastand you’d think you’ve died and gone to heaven. The glaring difference between a B&B in Temecula and the typical hotel is an experience only you can see for yourself. As you journey through the ins and outs of such an enlightening adventure, it’s best to prepare yourself with a brief history of B&Bs in order to truly understand the sheer delight of exploring some of the best Temecula bed and breakfasts found in the region.By now, you probably already know that a bed and breakfast is typically referred to as a “B&B”, a private residence or establishment that offers shelter to weary travelers. You will often encounter this type of opportunity situated within a townhouse, single-family home, or condominium.In the beginning, shared bathrooms were commonplace in the bed and breakfasts of yesteryear, yet private bathrooms have become a given in many of the establishments of today. Breakfast is usually served as part of the room rate, which truly illustrates the meaning of a B&B, a warm bed and hearty breakfast at the start of each day. The concept of a bed and breakfast has endured many years of changes over time, as travelers have always needed a place to lay their head for the night. In the past, no one ever thought twice seeking shelter in the comfort of a private dwelling over a room offered at the local inn.What’s quite interesting is that before the 19th century, informal arrangements were made between individuals belonging to the same social rank. For example, a traveling physician may seek accommodations for the night at the home of a fellow doctor or pharmacist.Nowadays, it is quite common to see countless old properties find a new lease on life as they serve as guesthouses showcasing the beauty of antique furnishings that attract travelers with their historical charm. All through the United States, the unique features attached to various establishments paint the picture of what makes a B&B so special. Sometimes, a significant historical past is the attraction or perhaps a well known celebrity or former president spent the night in one of the rooms.One thing to count on, the majority of B&B’s in the U.S. have built a reputation for delivering impressively decorated guestrooms, friendly customer service, and individual room appeal.. Most of all the ‘home cooked breakfasts’ each morning always delivers the perfect push at the start of each day! There is no denying the allure of a Temecula bed and breakfast that knows just how to make the most out of a fascinating blend of an enchanting town setting with unforgettable local uniqueness.To take advantage of what a Temecula bed and breakfast [http://www.best-temecula-guide.com/temecula-bed-and-breakfast.html] has to offer, consider the following establishments offering a comfortable stay in this beautiful Southern California Wine Country region:· The Castle B&B (35925 Rancho California Road): European charm awaits at this Temecula bed and breakfast set in the wine country [http://www.best-temecula-guide.com/temecula-winery.html], which provides accommodations with a touch of Venetian, Medieval, English Tudor, or French Country character.· La Vindemia Bed & Breakfast (33133 Vista del Monte Road): A private villa with luxury accommodations located here highlights the taste and atmosphere of Italy with enchanting flower paths, romantic patio spaces, and a mesmerizing rose garden.· Inn at Churon Winery (33233 Rancho California Rd): To experience the French-style chateau of this bed and breakfast, consider the Merlot suite or a Jacuzzi bathtub for two.· Loma Vista Bed and Breakfast (33350 La Serena Way): Romance lingers about the pathways located outside of rooms called ‘Champagne’ and ‘Zinfandel.’· Fallbrook Bed and Breakfast (2239 Gird Rd, Fallbrook, CA) : Located just 20 minutes outside of Temecula, the town of Fallbrook is home to an 1885-remodeled farmhouse that offers two unique rentals with numerous hidden nooks and crannies to explore.All in all-a Temecula bed and breakfast will assist you in capturing the best of staying at some of the most peaceful escapes about town. When planning a visit to the region or looking for a personal getaway-considering a stay at a Temecula bed and breakfast should become top priority.