Bed and Breakfast – Selecting the Right One – Bed Breakfast Inns

A bed and breakfast is usually an exceptionally nice place to spend the night, as most are remodeled old homes or mansions. Some of these homes have been restored to represent the way they were originally built and contain beautiful woodwork, wood floors, spacious brick fireplaces and other designs of the era in which they were built.Most provide breakfast in the morning, which consists of a complete meal with breakfast meat, eggs, toast or biscuits, fried potatoes, pancakes and waffles, coffee, juice, etc., while others only provide a continental breakfast, consisting of coffee, juice and doughnuts. Then, some provide no breakfast at all, but still call themselves a bed and breakfast. The morning meal is normally included in the room rate.As you can see, each bed and breakfast can be different and even the Bed and Breakfast Associations have no accepted definition of what they are. When placing a reservation, be sure you understand what accommodations they offer, or better yet get a recommendation from someone who is familiar with that particular bed and breakfast.Normally, we think of a bed and breakfast as being a beautiful house with all the amenities to ‘cater to our every need’. A Jacuzzi or whirlpool/hot tub may be furnished, a suite of rooms with your own private bath is available instead of just one room and connection to the Internet is also available. Depending on location, recreational activities such as biking, canoeing, golf and skiing are nearby.If you are looking for a romantic getaway, a weekend at a bed and breakfast can fill the bill. Many offer a ‘special romance package’, which means the weekend is professionally planned. Be sure you understand what the package includes and the cost. The proprietor of the bed and breakfast should be able to recommend romantic restaurants so you will be able to make advance reservations. They can also advise other romantic locations in the area that might interest you.For those so inclined, there are haunted bed and breakfasts, which claim to have ghosts living in the house. The houses are haunted by spirits of previous owners, most of whom died a horrible death and their spirits have lingered in the house ever since. Each home has its’ own story about the ghosts and visitors have reported hearing strange noises, actually seeing the ghosts, etc. There are around forty of these haunted homes across the United States.A murder mystery weekend can be fun at a bed and breakfast. Approximately thirty inns around the country feature this type of weekend, participated in by the guests. The object is to determine who committed the murder by following clues given to each guest. The weekend is spent investigating the crime and, before leaving on Sunday, the murderer is revealed.In order to find the perfect bed and breakfast, take time to plan and research each one on your list. Be sure it offers what you are looking for and make sure the price is right. There is always one that will fit your budget. It is suggested that you plan on spending more than one night to get the full benefit of your stay.Keep in mind, a bed and breakfast is a great way to get away!